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Keep it Simple

After all the end-of-year celebrations and far too many rich, gourmet meals consumed, it’s a relief to go back to cooking simple meals at home. Since I’m not the most organized person when it comes to food preparation—it’s an ongoing joke at our house that I’ll make a recipe without a key ingredient—it’s a safe bet to go for something that doesn’t require a shopping list of ingredients, such as pizza. All you need is a can of pureed tomatoes, garlic, cheese, and, of course, one of our pizza dough balls. The rest can be left to your imagination by using any leftovers you have in the fridge. Just in case you need a little inspiration, we’ve made pizzas using the following toppings:

Roasted red peppers, pesto, goat cheese, salami, caramelized onions, pepperoni, pesto, arugula, chopped olives, goat cheese, and salami.

For instructions on pizza-making, follow this link:

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