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Custom cake orders must be placed a minimum of 1 week in advance

Preorders available only at our bakery.

Cakes and cupcakes may be picked up Tuesday - Sunday.

Custom Cakes

Please fill out our cake form below, call or e-mail us for inquiries.

All cake varieties can be made as cupcakes. 

A minimum order of 6 cupcakes is required per variety.

How many people does each cake size serve?

6-inch double-layer serves 8-10 

8-inch double-layer serves 12-16

10-inch double-layer serves 20-25 

Half-Sheet single-layer serves 36-54

Cake varieties and icing choices

Chocolate: vanilla or chocolate buttercream

White: vanilla or chocolate buttercream

Carrot: cream cheese frosting

Basic Price: 6" / 8" / 10" / Half Sheet

Chocolate: $45 / 68 / 90

White: $45 / 68 / 90

Carrot: $45 / 68 / 90

Cupcakes: $3.75-4.75 ea.


Raspberry, Cherry, or Strawberry Preserve Filling


Ganache Frosting

Whipped Cream Frosting

Icing Tint

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