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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you bake anything gluten-free?

Unfortunately, we don’t make gluten-free bread. The FDA is very strict regarding cross-contamination and would require us to have a completely separate facility to offer gluten-free breads. We don’t foresee baking gluten-free loaves in the future. The items we do offer that are flourless include: granola, meringues, and coconut macaroons.

Do you have vegan baked goods?

All our breads aside from the following are vegan: Sourdough Wheat Boule (honey), Sandwich Wheat (honey), Challah Braid (eggs), Sandwich Challah (eggs), Fougasse (cheese).  We do not bake any pies or pastries that are vegan.

I'm gluten sensitive. What products do you make that I can eat? 

Our Sourdough Baguette and Lisa's Sourdough are two loaves that contain a higher percentage of sourdough and have a much longer fermentation time (over 36 hours). Although they are made with wheat flour, many of our customers who are gluten-sensitive (not celiac) tell us they have had no ill effects from digesting them.  Also, our granola, coconut macaroons, and meringues are made without wheat. 

Do any of your breads contain whole grains?

Yes. We primarily use unbleached, unbromated white flour, but we also use white rye, durum, and whole wheat flours.  Our Old World Rye and Sandwich Rye are 62% whole grain, our Italian Semolina and Barn Loaves are 50% whole grain, our Wheat Boule and Sandwich Wheat are 49% whole grain, our Lisa's Sourdough is 25% whole grain, our Bread with Saints is 17% whole grain, and our Three-Seed Sourdough and Sandwich Three-Seed Sourdough are 10% whole grain.

Are you open only on the weekend?

That's right.  We are open on Saturdays for walk-ins and preorders.  We also sell our baked goods at a farmers' markets across the river, in New York State, as well as at a few local retail outlets. (See "Support Local.") We work 7 days a week in order to prep for our weekend bakes.

How can I guarantee my loaf?

It's true that we sometimes sell out of certain breads, since we bake in relatively small batches. However, a number of our customers either place an order in advance or have a standing order every week, which we would be more than happy to set up for you.  Just let us know by 10am on the Thursday before, and we will reserve your order for you.  Please feel free to call us, e-mail us, or place your order online.

Do you offer shipping?

Due to the nature of our products, we have found that it is cost-prohibitive to ship most items. The items we do ship are: chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal raisin cookies, granola, dog biscuits, and coffee mugs. Nearly everything we bake freezes beautifully, so if you are able to visit our bakery, we recommend stocking up for a few months at a time.

Do you close for the winter?

Yes, our last bake is the weekend after New Year's Eve.  We reopen the following Easter weekend.

Do you make tiered cakes?

No, we do not. Most tiered cakes involve delivery and setup and we simply don't have the manpower or time to invest.

How can I store your breads and pastries to eat the next day?

Since all of our products are made without preservatives, for optimum taste, we always recommend freezing them--even if they are going to be eaten the next day.   However, the majority of our breads and pastries freeze beautifully, and when properly wrapped, can last up to several months in the freezer. (See our storing and freezing instructions under "Breads.")

Do you make tiered cakes?

No, we do not. Most tiered cakes involve delivery and setup and we simply don't have the manpower or time to invest.

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