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It’s Off to Moscow!

I always admire people who make life-altering decisions without worrying about what lies ahead. In all the time Brian and I have been together, I’ve never regretted any of the decisions we’ve made, but sometimes I’ve felt as if life has dealt us too many options. I know that Brian regrets not having made the big move to California when we sold our business in 2007—though we did come awfully close. On the other hand, had we moved, we would never have reopened the bakery, and I’m glad we decided to do it all over again.

After working for nearly a year for an IT company near Philadelphia, our son Ian recently announced that he was leaving his job to pursue his dreams of becoming a dietitian and nutritionist. Naturally, this news came as a surprise, since he holds a degree in business administration. However, Ian has always been into fitness and sports, and these interests, along with his natural desire to help people, have helped lead him in this new direction.

Until he entered college, Ian never seemed interested in venturing far from the outskirts of Beach Lake, and even then, he chose to stay in Pennsylvania. In the course of a year, not only has he proven he can be self-sufficient, but he has discovered there is a whole world out there (which may have also been prompted by his company sending him to India to train his Indian co-workers on their payroll system). This motivation for change has made him choose to earn his second bachelor’s degree from the University of Idaho in Moscow*, Idaho, this fall.

After packing up Ian’s Ford Focus with all his worldly possessions, Ian and his dad set off on Saturday afternoon for the 2,600-mile trek out west. It will be the second and probably last time the two of them will have the chance to do a road trip together, and I’m sure it will be memorable.

*Reportedly, one of the first settlers in this city chose to name it after his home town—Moscow, Pennsylvania!

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