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Tractors and Strawberries

The annual Tractor Parade in Callicoon, New York, is one of our area’s most popular draws. Farmers, tractor enthusiasts, and the merely curious come to this small hamlet in Delaware County to participate in or watch a convoy of tractors—yesterday’s parade numbered 261—drive down Main Street. For many years now, our good friends Linda and Olaf have had the coveted job of selling commemorative Tractor Parade t-shirts to benefit the local youth center. The shirts are so popular, they’ve become collectors’ items. This year’s sales topped $4,000!

Now that Beach Lake Bakery has a stall at the Callicoon Farmers’ Market on Sundays, I was able to witness this event first-hand. My daughter Jamie and I had a clear view of the John Deers and Massey Fergusons as they slowly made their way down A. Dorrer Drive, alongside the vendors selling vegetables, fruits, and baked goods. The procession lasted for over an hour.

Yesterday also marked the first day of strawberry season at the market. These small, sweet, mouth-watering berries are not a patch on (no pun intended) the large, tasteless variety you normally find in the supermarket. I made sure to run over and grab a quart before they disappeared. When we got home from the market, we couldn’t wait to dive into them. First we ate them on ciabatta with goat cheese, then finished the entire quart with the last piece of ginger cake and fresh whipped cream. What a perfect way to end the day!

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