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Vacation 2013

As I write this post, I am relaxing on an island in the Caribbean, 1,500 miles from the bakery—a good reason not to think about feeding starters or molding sticky balls of dough. Not that I would trade my new life as a bread baker for the life of a sun worshipper. From the reclined position of my chaise longue, I can watch the bronzed bodies on the beach walk by, myriad graphic images—some quite imaginative, others quite hideous—tattooed on their bodies. On our flight down to Turks and Caicos, Brian complimented a fellow passenger on the rich detail of the tattoos completely covering his arms. Our seatmate then proceeded to roll up his pants’ leg to reveal an extraordinarily life-like portrait of Hannibal Lecter tattooed to his left calf!

It has been a great week here. Feeling rejuvenated, we are ready to get back to work!

Vacations, like Sunday mornings, are meant for sleeping in and late breakfasts. One of my favorite breakfasts happens to be French Toast. I always make it with braided challah (I’m a traditionalist), although some people prefer the ease of slicing a challah loaf. If you can get your hands on some fresh, farm eggs—we use the eggs from our neighbors, Diana and Hawkeye, who also raise pigs and long-horned cattle—they turn the batter a brilliant orangey-yellow and the French Toast tastes even better!

Note: if you are like Brian and prefer your French Toast the English way, substitute salt for the maple syrup when you serve it.

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