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Two Months

Today marks the official two-month anniversary of leaving my job in NJ and moving back up to Beach Lake full-time to run our bakery in, what is hoped, a less crazed manner. I can’t say I miss the weekly commute or the dreaded alarm bell that forces us out of bed at 5:00am on Monday mornings, bleary-eyed, so we can load up the car with clean clothes, the weekend’s dinner leftovers (along with a few loaves of bread to get us through the next week), and make the two-hour trek back down to Montclair. No, I do not miss that one bit! (Unfortunately, I can’t say as much for Brian, who continues his marathon schedule to and from New Jersey, and hasn’t had a proper day off since March.)

The time has flown by and we’re almost ready to celebrate Hanukah, which is a good thing, since I love making coconut macaroons! I plan on giving out some samples in our store this weekend.

This recipe is a family secret and a tradition for family gatherings.

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