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I’m not one for making a big fanfare of my birthday or our wedding anniversary, since, as long as I can remember, Brian and I never got into the habit of turning these annual events into big celebrations (with the exception of parties thrown for our 40th and 50thbirthdays). However, I’m always taken by surprise when Brian does do something out of character. One such example dates back to when we were still relatively newlyweds, and I was working for a shipping company in the World Trade Center. It was June 21st, our wedding anniversary, and an enormous bouquet of flowers was delivered to my desk. I couldn’t imagine who would have sent me such a gift, and I proceeded to open the card, which read: “Happy Anniversary! Love, Brian.” Puzzled, I turned to my co-worker and asked, “Brian? Brian who?” I don’t think Brian will ever let me forget that one!

March 24th marks the first anniversary of Beach Lake Bakery, resurrected from the original Beach Lake Bread. It really makes my day when customers come to our store and inform us that they finally managed to track us down after learning that we’re back in business. It is truly a milestone anniversary, since we never imagined we’d be reopening our doors. I wish to express special thanks and gratitude to all our friends and supporters.

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