Far Away Farms Honey

Far Away Farms Honey


Pure, local wildflower honey harvested from bees in Honesdale, PA. 


The lighter/amber variety is "summer honey" and the darker variety is "fall honey."


Summer honey is a mix of locust, clover, and flowers that bloom throughout the summer.

Fall honey consists of more goldenrod and knotweed. 


We recommend summer honey for tea and drinks and fall honey for cereal, dressings and cooking. However, they are interchangeable.


    This honey is not cooked or pasteurized. It is raw.  Heating honey destroys its beneficial enzymes and nutrients and it then loses its antimicrobial and antioxidant properties.  It is, however, filtered to remove small debris and to slow down crystallization.

    If honey crystallizes, it can be warmed up to 95 to 100 degrees to liquefy it, without changing its composition.  One of the reasons honey from the grocery store doesn't crystallize is that it is heated to much higher temperatures, extending its clear appearance.  

    Raw honey does not need and should not be refrigerated.


    Not available for purchase at either the Barryville or Callicoon Farmers' Market.