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An important message to our customers on COVID-19

As the owner of Beach Lake Bakery, I wanted to reassure you that we have made changes to comply with the new guidelines for keeping safe and infection-free during this global pandemic. Naturally, we expect to see a decline in the number of people willing to venture out for bread and pastries, but as a small business, we have to rely on enough customers to keep us in business so we won't have to cut staff hours or close our doors.

Here's what we're doing to help you...

  • It is our promise to you to maintain safe and sanitary practices before and while serving each customer.

  • We have plenty of cleaning and paper supplies so we can continue our practice of wiping down and disinfecting all surfaces, following all food-safety procedures.

  • We have instructed our employees to stay home if they are sick.

 Below is a list of our policies:

  •  A limit of one person or one party at a time in our shop.

  • All breads will be kept behind the counter and we will personally serve you.  

  • A sink and hand soap will be available for customers' use.

Pre-paid preorders: 

Order and pay for your breads, pies, and pastries by Thursday at 10am.  You can order online, or call us (570-729-7271) with your credit card information. 

Stock up!
We don't like the idea of hoarding, but by purchasing a few extra breads or pastries, you will making fewer trips outside your home, reducing your risk of exposure to the virus. All of our products freeze beautifully and we will be happy to give you instructions for freezing them at home.

Here's what you can do to help us:  


  • Call ahead to order!!  

None of us is sure how we will be impacted by this virus. By letting us know your order ahead of time, you will be helping us. As a small business, we absolutely depend on having customers and would hate to have to close our doors. We hope you will continue to shop local.

  • Be patient.

Implementing these changes will take us a little time to get right. If something takes a little more time than it should, please understand we are trying our best to make it work.  

Let us know if you have any suggestions on more ways we can accommodate your needs during this time. We are listening!

Best regards,
Lisa & Brian
Bakers & Owners

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